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Join the movement
to tackle climate crisis

Are you a young person who cares about the future of our planet?
Do you want to take action and make a real difference in the fight against climate change?
The BEST project is here to help.

We're empowering young people across Europe to develop the skills and knowledge they need to tackle this global crisis, through transformative education and global citizenship education approaches.

Join the community and be a part of the solution.

The climate crisis is real,
and we can't ignore it

The effects of climate change are all around us. Rising sea levels, increased temperatures, and extreme weather events are just a few of the many consequences of the climate crisis.

As young people, we have a responsibility to take action and protect the planet for future generations. The Erasmus+ BEST project provides the resources and support to empower young people to tackle climate change head-on.

Take action with the
Erasmus+ BEST project

The BEST project addresses the urgent need for transformative education and global citizenship education approaches to empower young people to tackle climate change holistically.

Our innovative curricula and courses provide an international perspective on the most pressing issues facing young people and youth workers.
By sharing knowledge and advice across Europe, we can empower local communities to take action against climate change.

Join the BEST project and become part of the solution.

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Join our Telegram Channel and become part of a community dedicated to tackling climate change.
Connect with like-minded people and share your experiences, ideas and solutions to help make a difference.

Stay informed with the latest news, events and updates from the Erasmus+ BEST project, and engage in meaningful conversations about the environment and climate change.

Let's work together towards a better future.
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Our mission is to create a sustainable future for all

At the Erasmus+ BEST project, our mission is to develop the capacity of young people to critically reflect on climate change, to develop their affective domain, and to actively stand up for their rights and needs in relation to the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on people's lives.

We believe that by empowering young people to take action against climate change, we can create a sustainable future for all.