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Antonia Pichler

European Green Deal

Source: The EU has a big climate goal. It’s called: The EU Green Deal What is the Green Deal?  What does this mean for our future?  Click on the homepage and watch the video.  After you read through the homepage and watched the video,… Read More »European Green Deal

Is it only us acting?

Source: We often hear that it is on us changing our daily actions to help prevent a climate crisis. But we also often hear that it isn’t just on us, it is also on the politicians, the governments to change actions. So, what are… Read More »Is it only us acting?

Biodiversity loss

Source: Biodiversity is very important for our earth.  But what is biodiversity?  What is causing biodiversity loss?  Click on each question and watch a video.  Can you now answer the questions:  What is biodiversity?  What is causing biodiversity loss?  Our climate was always changing… Read More »Biodiversity loss

Exploring “Our Planet”

Source: David Attenborough is one of the most famous British broadcasters, biologist, national historian and author. From 1937 until now he has witnessed the world changing and documented for us.  In cooperation with WWF and Netflix he produced a documentary about the changes to… Read More »Exploring “Our Planet”