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Be the Change

Share Your Sustainable Ideas
with the World!

Are you ready to be a part of a community that's passionate about creating a more sustainable world? With Erasmus+ Best Project's Bank of Sustainable Ideas, you can join a global movement that's actively fighting climate change.

Our online toolkit is specifically designed to support young people and youth workers in developing innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face in their local communities.
And the best part? You can be a part of it too! Share your sustainable ideas with the world and be the change you wish to see.

Join our community today and let's make a difference together.

Eco-System Mapping

In 2023, 119 enthusiastic young change-makers, spanning from Ireland to Cyprus, united to tackle climate change head-on. Through interactive workshops, they explored climate solutions using the Head, Heart, and Hands model.

We ventured outdoors, sharing insights, emotions, and ideas. Despite challenges, these young minds embraced the call for climate action.

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