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Storytelling and nature lore

Facilitate storytelling sessions and nature lore sharing around the campfire or in a cozy outdoor setting. Encourage participants to share personal stories, myths, legends, or cultural traditions related to nature.  This fosters a sense of cultural exchange, connection to place, and appreciation for the rich… Read More »Storytelling and nature lore

Environmental film screenings

Organise screenings of compelling documentaries and films that shed light on environmental issues and their consequences. Follow each screening with a facilitated discussion where participants can share their thoughts, emotions, and ideas for addressing the challenges highlighted in the film. These events can motivate individuals… Read More »Environmental film screenings

Eco Fact Cards

It is pocket-sized guide to environmental awareness through which you can explore topics like climate change, pollution, and conservation through concise, easy-to-understand facts. Empower other youth workers to make a positive impact on the planet.  Through cards you can get informed, get inspired, and join… Read More »Eco Fact Cards

Community Eco-challenges

Launch community-wide eco-challenges that leverage facts about environmental degradation to inspire collective action. Participants can compete or collaborate to achieve specific goals, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, or restoring local habitats.  By framing these challenges around information, individuals are encouraged to confront the reality… Read More »Community Eco-challenges

DIΥ Upcycling Workshop

DIY Upcycling workshops present dynamic and interactive avenues for young individuals to delve into sustainability and environmental concepts. Commencing with an introduction to upcycling, these workshops emphasise their ecological advantages and the imperative for waste reduction, arming participants with tools to address climate change.  Participants… Read More »DIΥ Upcycling Workshop

Kot – Kot

Kot – Kot represents a circular economy endeavor aimed at effectively managing food waste. This initiative operates by gathering food waste from various establishments such as schools, restaurants, hotels, and businesses across Cyprus. Subsequently, the waste is directed to farms housing retired egg-laying chickens. These… Read More »Kot – Kot

Youth Greening Day

One idea for a tree-planting initiative for young people is to organise a “Youth Greening Day” in collaboration with local schools, community organisations, and environmental groups.  The event could start with an educational component, such as a presentation or workshop on the importance of trees… Read More »Youth Greening Day

European Green Deal

Source: The EU has a big climate goal. It’s called: The EU Green Deal What is the Green Deal?  What does this mean for our future?  Click on the homepage and watch the video.  After you read through the homepage and watched the video,… Read More »European Green Deal

Is it only us acting?

Source: We often hear that it is on us changing our daily actions to help prevent a climate crisis. But we also often hear that it isn’t just on us, it is also on the politicians, the governments to change actions. So, what are… Read More »Is it only us acting?

Biodiversity loss

Source: Biodiversity is very important for our earth.  But what is biodiversity?  What is causing biodiversity loss?  Click on each question and watch a video.  Can you now answer the questions:  What is biodiversity?  What is causing biodiversity loss?  Our climate was always changing… Read More »Biodiversity loss

Exploring “Our Planet”

Source: David Attenborough is one of the most famous British broadcasters, biologist, national historian and author. From 1937 until now he has witnessed the world changing and documented for us.  In cooperation with WWF and Netflix he produced a documentary about the changes to… Read More »Exploring “Our Planet”

Palau Pledge

The Palau Pledge is a passport-like declaration that every visitor to the island must sign upon arrival. It’s more than just a document; it’s a commitment. The Pledge emphasizes leaving only footprints that will be washed away by the ocean—a commitment that ensures the preservation… Read More »Palau Pledge

Energy investigation

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Workshops on energy conservation educate young people about the sources of energy, their uses, and the environmental impacts of energy consumption. By learning about renewable versus non renewable resources, conducting home energy audits, and creating action plans to reduce energy use, participants become aware of… Read More »Energy investigation

Community-based initiative

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Engage young people in community-based environmental projects like “Plant a Tree with a Refugee”. Such initiatives foster community engagement and ecological care, while also integrating refugees and local youth. This approach not only addresses climate action but also promotes social inclusion and community resilience. Discover… Read More »Community-based initiative

Nature Scavenger Hunt

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Through nature scavenger hunts and green walks, young participants are encouraged to explore and connect with their local environment actively. This activity is designed not only to educate them about the importance of conserving local ecosystems but also to instill a sense of responsibility for… Read More »Nature Scavenger Hunt

Play with recycling and composting!

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This activity aims to instill sustainable habits among young people by engaging them in the creation and decoration of dedicated bins for recycling and composting. Participants learn about the significance of reducing waste through practical involvement, understanding how composting organic materials contributes positively to the… Read More »Play with recycling and composting!

Is Eco-Anxiety Real?

More than 45% of young people in a survey of 10 countries said their feelings about climate change “negatively affected their daily life and functioning”. The negative impact on mental health as a result of climate change has been coined as ‘Eco-Anxeity’ as climate change… Read More »Is Eco-Anxiety Real?