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Kot – Kot

Kot – Kot represents a circular economy endeavor aimed at effectively managing food waste. This initiative operates by gathering food waste from various establishments such as schools, restaurants, hotels, and businesses across Cyprus. Subsequently, the waste is directed to farms housing retired egg-laying chickens. These chickens are allowed to freely roam in open fields, facilitating both the fertilisation of trees and acting as natural pest controllers against rodents.

The chickens, benefiting from the food provided by the initiative, are subsequently adopted by individuals who offer them sanctuary. It is estimated that for every adopted chicken, approximately 55kg of food waste is diverted from landfills annually, leading to a reduction of 76kg of CO2 equivalent emissions.

The farms associated with the Kot-Kot initiative offer workshops designed to educate participants on agro-ecology practices, waste reduction strategies, and the principles of the circular economy model.

Young individuals have the opportunity to engage as volunteers, involved in the collection of food waste from various sources across Cyprus, or they can opt to adopt chickens, providing them with a second chance at life while also contributing to the management of food waste.

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