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Nature walk scavenger hunt

Welcome to a journey of mystery and discovery amidst the wonders of nature! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve these riddles and uncover the hidden treasures scattered throughout the wilderness. 

  1. Riddle #1: What dances on the breeze, Yet has no feet to tread? Look up high, among the trees, Where this mystery is spread.
  2. Riddle #2: In the heart of green, I sway without a care. My whispering leaves can be seen, Where sunlight and shadows share.
  3. Riddle #3: With roots deep in the ground, And branches reaching high, I’m a fortress for creatures round, Against the open sky.
  4. Riddle #4: I shimmer in the light, A jewel amidst the green. Look closely, day or night, In the waters, I’m seen.
  5. Riddle #5: I’m silent in the night, A predator on the prowl. With eyes that gleam so bright, In the darkness, I’ll growl.

Once you’ve cracked the code and found each hidden gem, take a moment to marvel at the beauty of nature’s secrets revealed. 

  1. Answer to Riddle #1: Leaves or Trees
  2. Answer to Riddle #2: Grass or Grass Blades
  3. Answer to Riddle #3: Tree
  4. Answer to Riddle #4: River or Stream
  5. Answer to Riddle #5: Owl

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