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Join the BEST Project and Make a Real Impact!

Calling all vibrant Millennials and Gen Z!
Are you ready to take an active role in combating climate change and shaping a sustainable future?

The BEST project (Building environmental awareness and sustainability values through the Head, Heart, Hands Model for Transformative Learning) invites you to be part of a powerful movement for change.

Why Get Involved?

By joining the BEST project, you'll be part of an international initiative that addresses key priorities for our generation. We understand that as young individuals, you have the passion and potential to make a difference. That's why we're empowering you to take action and become advocates for climate justice.

Concrete Results and Lasting Change

By engaging in the BEST project, you'll contribute to tangible results. We're mapping the challenges faced by young people, providing in-service training programs for youth workers, and creating a Bank of Sustainable Ideas for Combatting Climate Change.

Together, we'll drive positive change at the local, national, and international levels.

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Best's Work Packages

During the BEST project, five work packages will be developed, offering a range of outcomes and resources. The work packages include ecosystem mapping, training for young people and youth workers, a Bank of Sustainable Ideas, and a multimedia dissemination campaign. All materials and information will be available for download on our website, allowing everyone to access the project's results.

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WP 1 - Project Management and Implementation

In WP1 (PMI), the BEST project focuses on enhancing the internal capacity of the consortium. We aim to strengthen our ability to deliver impactful youth programs that empower young people and youth workers to address climate change in their respective areas. An excellent example of this is Meath Partnership's utilization of the resources available in the SICAP program starting from 2024. By investing in our internal capabilities, we ensure the effective implementation of our initiatives and maximize their positive outcomes.

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WP 2 - Eco-system mapping of the challenges faced by young people when taking action on climate change

Through this work package, we conduct comprehensive eco-system mapping across Europe. This initiative is widely promoted by the project and associated partners, aiming to develop a short training course for young people. The course focuses on enhancing their knowledge and skills in addressing climate change through the domains of head, heart, and hands.

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WP 3 - Transformative Education for Climate Change – An In-service training programme to support youth workers

The development of an in-service training program is a significant opportunity for the consortium to enhance the competences of youth workers in delivering climate change training. This work package offers innovative training resources that enable youth workers to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and competences.

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WP 4 - Bank of Sustainable Ideas for Combatting Climate Change

The Bank of Sustainable Ideas is a valuable resource that supports stakeholders in finding solutions to climate-related challenges. This online platform provides access to a wide range of sustainable ideas and practices. It also facilitates a community of practice, allowing interested parties to communicate and collaborate even after the project concludes.

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WP 5 - Multimedia and Dissemination Campaign

In this work package, we focus on creating and disseminating a multitude of resources developed throughout the project. The results and insights are widely shared among the youth work sector in all partner countries. Information and links will be available on the project partners' websites, as well as the websites of associated partners, even after the project's completion.