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Understanding Climate Justice

Climate justice means finding solutions to the climate crisis that not only reduce emissions or protect the natural world, but that do so in a way which creates a fairer, more just and more equal world in the process.

Unfortunately, those who have done so little to cause the devastation of climate change, are the ones who are at most risk of devastation. Climate justice starts with acknowledging the privilege we have as Europeans, and ensuring that we use that privilege to amplify the voices of those most at risk.

  • How might you create the space for young people to explore the topic of Climate Justice? 

As youth workers, it is imperative that we support young people to recognise the power they hold in ensuring a just and fair response to the climate crisis. To do so, we must start by educating ourselves on climate justice and what that looks like in youth work. The Royal Irish Academy and The Mary Robinson Foundation have developed a fantastic resource for Youth Workers as an introduction to Climate Justice. Additionally, the National Youth Council Ireland have developed resources which can be utilised in youth work settings with young people, and with fellow youth workers. 

Additional Resources:

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