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Young Cities: Make your neighborhoods green again!

This action is modelled after a participatory initiative called Young Cities and is funded by the Youth Board of Cyprus and the National Betting Authority (NBA) in Cyprus. This initiative brings young people together to understand the needs of their communities and find solutions or innovative ideas to implement. Those ideas can cover a range of social issues, including environmental. 

First, young people are guided to conduct surveys in their neighbourhoods to identify how their neighbourhood can be greener and more sustainable. Secondly, they analyse the results and come up with solutions to address those needs through a localised strategy for their areas. Third, they identify the cost and the risks of the proposed solutions and find ways to work around them, such as by seeking donations from local councils, available funds or by collaborating with non-governmental organisations. Finally, they implement those solutions and evaluate the impact and benefits for their communities. 

This action model empowers young people living in urban neighbourhoods to drive positive change through sustainable initiatives. By conducting surveys, analysing data, and collaborating with their communities, they develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while gaining a deeper understanding of sustainability concepts. Through planning, budgeting, and seeking funding, they learn financial literacy and project management. Assessing risks and seeking creative solutions hones their resilience and adaptability. As they implement and evaluate their initiatives, they not only create tangible improvements but also foster a sense of agency and empowerment, becoming active stewards of their neighbourhoods and champions for a greener, more sustainable future.

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