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Zero Food Waste Cyprus – Saturday Aftermarket

The Saturday Aftermarket is an initiative run by the initiative Zero Food Waste Cyprus that aims to raise awareness about food waste while also giving back to those in need. It takes local action through volunteers to tackle global issues but also contribute to the following United Nations (UN) UN Sustainability and Development Goals (SDGs):

  1. SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities 
  2. SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production 
  3. SDG 13 – Climate Action

The idea of the Saturday Aftermarket is to send out volunteers to collect fresh fruits, vegetables and other non-edibles from vendors which they would otherwise end up in the landfill due to their condition. The collected produce is stored in crates and transferred to a distribution area where underserved groups can visit. There, beneficiaries and people in need are given an equal share of the available produce to take for their own use. 

This initiative teaches young people the importance of volunteering and community engagement, as well as empathy by distributing collected food to beneficiaries and people in need. It promotes awareness about food waste and environmental consciousness by contributing to the reduction of food waste and responsible consumption. Last but not least, it teaches young people how to work together to take action against climate change but also develops their leadership and coordination skills.

To learn more about this action visit the Zero Food Waste Cyprus Website here:

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